From our Customer, Kimberly

"My family and I recently moved our prescription from a different pharmacy to Victors MediCenter Pharmacy. We were very happy with our other pharmacy, it was a logistical decision. Victors handled the transfer with remarkable speed and efficiency. We did not experience any delays. It is also one of the best decisions we have made. In addition to saving some money on our prescriptions we get wonderful same day professional service.

One of the best outcomes from the change is Miss Lucy. Miss Lucy delivers our prescriptions; she always has a smile and goes above and beyond with her customer service. She is always available to answer questions and makes each customer feel as if they are her only customer. Who doesn’t want to feel they are special? I’m glad we made the change to Victors MediCenter Pharmacy."

- Kimberly

From our Customer, Judy

"Victors MediCenter Pharmacy is great for our community. The staff is friendly, and goes above and beyond to help in any way. What I’m so impressed with is the interest and care they give to the seniors; you call in your meds and they are delivered to you the same day. I live in a senior complex and they are here every day. They give all the help you need. They check on you and if you’re not feeling well they will try to help and if you’re down they will talk and lift your spirits. They are like family to us. They take time to come and get the people together and serve treats and play games! They are a god send to the seniors and people of Chester. We appreciate them so much."

- Judy

From our Customer, Dorothy

"I have nothing but good things to say about Victors MediCenter Pharmacy. They have always helped me any way they could with a smile. I’ve had some surgery and wasn’t able to pick up my medicine; they delivered it, rain or shine. And when I am able to pick up my meds, they greet me with a smile and call me by name. Diane is always there to explain things to me and Lucy is prompt with my delivery. The rest of the girls are very kind and helpful too. I really appreciate having a pharmacy right here in Chester, IL."

- Dorothy

From our Customer, Glenda

"I can remember when my parents used Victors Drugs, when Victor was the pharmacist and then his son, Donald. I am now 76 and still use Victors MediCenter Pharmacy. I have no car and really appreciate my medications delivered. I am grateful and thankful for Lucy. She delivers my prescriptions when needed. Thank you, you all are a blessing to me."

- Glenda

From our Customer, Anna

"I am 85 years old and many times cannot get out to the pharmacy. Victors’ pharmacy services have been excellent and because of it my family has developed a strong sense of loyalty to Victors. Both my sons, daughter and their entire families, including grandchildren patronize Victors. We wouldn’t shop for prescriptions anywhere else, even if it cost less.

Our family appreciates the community service that Victors offers; they are courteous and provide prompt home delivery. I have developed a good relationship with this pharmacy as they always take time to assist me with my heath care concerns. No other pharmacy provides this valuable service."

- Anna

From our Customer, Rita

"Not only do they provide us the friendly service, they deliver our medicine. When I have a problem they are quick to respond, when I need refills, Victors calls my doctor, and when I have an expensive prescription they work with my doctor to help find a less expensive, equivalent substitute. I’m very pleased with Victors MediCenter Pharmacy! And as a bonus, Lucy, always makes sure my card is punched, when my card is full, I receive $5 off a product in the store."

- Rita

From our Customer, Rita

"A highlight in my day occurs when I answer the knock on my door and find Lucy or another Victors’ representative with a smile, bringing the meds I ordered that morning. I am so thankful to have Victors MediCenter Pharmacy delivery medications right to my door and sharing a cheerful word as well. Thank you, Victors!"

- Rita

From our Customer, Lois

"My experience with Victors Drugs goes back more than 50 years; it was always a family pharmacy. A few years ago, they were bought by MediCenter. It is still the same pharmacy, if not better! They still have the punch cards that are very helpful when buying things my insurance does not cover. They even deliver right to my door.

I live in an apartment building with 30+ neighbors. Almost all my neighbors shop at Victors MediCenter. Everyone looks forward to Lucy bringing our medications. She is here almost every day, always with a smile and helpful with everything. I could go on and on….It is good to have a pharmacy that cares about their customers. Words cannot explain our appreciation to Victors MediCenter!"

- Lois